Saniya Palace

The Red Fort

This impressive red sandstone Fort and Palace stands on Yamuna river bank since the 16th century. First built by Akbar Emperor in 1565, and extended by his grand son Shâh Jahân (Taj Mahal’s contractor) who added white marble buildings.

The Red Fort originally was a military fort. Then Shâh Jahân made it his own residence, turning Agra into an imperial yard of magical palaces.

The monumental bulwarks of the fort hide a labyrinth of buildings. A city inside the city. Some of them have been destroyed by conquerors like Great Britain, who used the fort as a garrison in 19th century. But from the mirrors Palace to the eight-sided tower, from the antique harem to the Jahangir palace, and even more with Shâh Jahân’s private mosque or his white marble palace from where he could contemplate his lover’s mausoleum, the Red Fort will enchant his visitors. Mix of Hindu and Central Asia style, it reminds us of the wide range of cultural roots of the Moghols.