Saniya Palace


In Sikandra, 10 km North-West from Agra (Mathura’s direction), you can visit Akbar’s huge mausoleum. The Emperor started himself to built it in 1602. The construction has been achieved by his son Jahangir after his death in 1605.

An impressive red sandstone gate with inlaided white marble geometric patterns, and 4 big minarets drive you on the boundless yard. The 22 meters high mausoleum is surmounted by an hindu-muslim architecture white marble construction. We can even find bouddhisme influence in flower’s pattern under the entry’s vault.

The tomb stand on a quiet garden who’s also a playing square for monkeys of wich we recommend you to take care! They curiously enjoy stilling things!

From Agra Fort’s bus station, regular buses leaving to Mathura have a stop at Sikandra.