Saniya Palace

About Us

Saniya Palace is a new hotel, freshly open in 2008. Rich of our experience in other touristic hotels, we wanted to open this new establishment in Taj Ganj area, such adream location for Taj Mahal visitors. Our priority is to make you appreciate our city.Agra is full of wonderful sites to visit. Our staff is here to help you have an unforgettable time.

Hotel Entrance

We are a small fourteen rooms hotel with a rooftop restaurant offering an amazing view on the Taj Mahal. Careful ! You might never want to leave…But if you do, our internet connection will help you plan your next stop.

Our priority: your relaxing stay here and your peace of mind.

The duty of our staff is to provide whatever you need to feel good. You will be taken care of with kindness and smile.

Dev is in charge of this establishment. Feel free to ask him any kind of advice. His motto: make you happy